How it all started

The DrawKit Story

We design assets and graphics to unlock your creativity
DrawKit was founded in 2018, starting as a small collection of 20 free-to-use, hand-drawn UI illustrations.

Created by James Daly, the aim was to create a resource by a designer for other designers, developers, creators, makers, and agencies to find customizable, high-quality visuals for the projects they’re working on, with new illustrations being added every day.

As the site grew, more illustrations were added daily and the catalogue expanded to include animations, premium packs, new styles and modular illustration kits, becoming a go-to resource for illustrations and graphics.

DrawKit joined the designstripe family in 2020, and Adrianne Walujo joined as DrawKit’s Creative Manager.

As the team grew, we started working with super talented illustrators and creators from all over the world.
This meant we could also expand into many more styles, topics, packs, and categories of assets, including Figma plugins.

In 2022 we made the biggest change to the platform since it launched. We re-thought how downloads worked, and switched to a subscription model to allow for much more affordable assets and a faster, more streamlined download flow. We also redesigned and fully rebranded the entire site.

Today, the DrawKit team is spread across the globe as a fully remote company, from Australia to Canada, focusing on creating the highest quality creative assets for you to use in your projects.

We’d love to see what you create with DrawKit assets, so feel free to tag us on Twitter or Instagram!
The DrawKit people
Meet Our Team
Founder & Creator
Creative Manager
2D Wizard
2D Illustrator & Artist
3D Illustrator & Designer
Designer & Animator
UI Designer
Web Developer
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License & Usage

Am I allowed to edit the illustrations?
Yes, you can edit the illustrations to fit your project. That includes colour, composition, layout and however you see fit. The sky is your limit and we love when our community goes creative with our assets.
Can I use DrawKit assets in commercial projects?
Yes, this usage falls under what's permissible in our license. You can use both the free and pro assets for commercial projects. Using the illustrations in a standalone commercial project for a client is totally fine.
Can I reupload and share DrawKit assets in another platform?
No, you may not re-upload our content in another website without our permission. If you want to give us a shoutout feel free to share a link to our website where they can download our content directly.
Can I use DrawKit assets in competitions?
You can use DrawKit assets if the assets are acting as supporting elements for your original submission or ideas. However, you cannot use DrawKit assets if the assets become the main element of the submission.

Product & Service

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