Ten reasons to vote for change

  1. The councillors you elect will have a real say in deciding council policy.

  2. Power is shared and collectively held by the whole council – not concentrated into one person’s hands.

  3. The knowledge, commitment and ideas of all 66 councillors will be reflected in the decision making process.

  4. Councillors work co-operatively together, discussing ideas and coming to agreement.

  5. Instead of decisions being made by the Mayor and a small Cabinet, committees will meet in public and discussions will be open and transparent.

  6. There is more opportunity for campaign and community group involvement in decisions which will affect them.

  7. Councillors are elected into positions by their council colleagues, not appointed by the mayor.

  8. Because they are responsible for collectively making decisions, your councillors will be more accountable to you.

  9. Decisions are discussed and consulted on at committee stage – meaning there is stronger scrutiny of the council’s policies.

  10. Every councillor will have a real job to do – not just the Cabinet and the Mayor.