Cllr Anam Islam and Josephine Grahl on The Tuesday Show – East London’s weekly news review

Anam Islam and Josephine Grahl from Newham Voting for Change appeared on The Tuesday Show to talk to Jenny Fisher about the Newham Referendum and the advantage of the committee system.

Anam: “In a committee structure… people in the community can attend meetings, have their say, and they can make their contributions when we are making that decision, when we are taking that vote. That’s more inclusive and it won’t only empower those backbench councillors but it will also empower communities… It will be an enhanced version of what is already happening in Newham.”

Josephine: “An advantage of the committee structure in boroughs like Newham where the Labour Group is completely dominant and of course Labour Group meeting do take place behind closed doors and are confidential, whereas committee meetings take place in public and are open to the public. And that gives the councillors greater accountability.”

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