Launch of Newham Voting for Change reported in the Newham Recorder

The launch of Newham Voting for Change has been reported in the Newham Recorder:

Cllr John Whitworth, speaking for the group, said: “The mayor promised this referendum as part of her manifesto in 2018 and we’re very pleased the date and ballot question have been confirmed.

“Voters will get a meaningful choice between the current system and a more open, inclusive and democratic system in which all councillors get a say in determining council policy.”

Josephine Grahl said the group was set up to make the positive arguments for the committee system.

Ms Grahl characterised it as “a co-operative, democratic system which gives a stronger voice to elected councillors and residents”.

“This is a real alternative to the mayoral model and we hope residents will support our campaign,” she said.

Read the full story here.


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